5 Things You Should Know about Pope Francis

Jorge Mario Bergolio, better known as Pope Francisco, the first Latin pope is a religious figure known throughout the world, especially for being the highest representation of Christianity. There is a lot of data that you should know about it, however many others do not. In this article you will be made known 5 facts of the pope that you should know.

1- Much more than a pope is a human dear to his humility

In a short time he has become a very popular figure and one of the most named characters in the media around the world; predecessor of Pope Benedict XVI. A great example of a person and an immense heart full of love for his fellow men, his arrival brought changes and amazement in the lives of Catholic people.

He has won by his personality and charisma millions of followers and admirers who always want to know about his visits, his treaties, and each of the messages of faith, peace and encouragement he gives to society in general. They want to know their tastes, curiosities, way of life.

2- He was one of the only popes to visit his predecessor

His followers are so many that daily receives an approximate of two thousand letters, of which some are answered by telephone. In addition, Pope Francis was the only pope to visit his predecessor former Pope Benedict XVI.

Without neglecting, in several of his trips and visits the same pope has highlighted many curious facts about his life, data that have excited many of his followers.

One of these curious facts confessed by him was to have been in his youth “cleaner” of a disco, he decided who entered and who not to this site. In addition he has said in a media report that he has cleaned floors and aide in chemical laboratories.

3- Loves soccer and likes to be on the street on foot

Another curiosity a little more evident, as a good Argentine, is a lover of football. He also confesses that it is an urban soul and strange pizzerias. He always says he has been “street“, in the sense that he likes walking the streets and going in groups.

Since it was young age he knew that he wanted to be a priest. Shortly after his appointment as head of the Catholic Church, the Italian press contacted his childhood sweetheart, who noted that Jorge Mario Bergolia once told him that if he did not marry her he would become a priest.

4- He does not like to cry in public but sometimes tears have fallen from his eyes

As well as confessing the fact of not crying in public, it has only happened twice, which he could not contain more since he was very moved, but he knew how to disguise each tear and without the people realizing he cleans it with his hand.

5- The pope does not use today’s technology

It is incredible but the Pope does not surf the internet or watch television, he says he did not watch TV since 1990, since it was a promise he made to the Virgin of Carmen on July 15.

These are some curious facts confessed by the same Pope Francisco, hopefully have been to your liking, and remember that “faith moves mountains”, something that has been forgotten a lot in this “digital era”.



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