How Well Do You Know Christmas?

If you are one of those who love Christmas then you will be interested in the following information and curiosities about this beautiful tradition full of holidays and gifts that go from the beginning of its celebration. It is one of the most important festivities of Christianity, so it is undoubtedly its significance around the world. But how much do you know about Christmas?

Have you ever wondered why it’s called Christmas?

Although colloquially they call Easter to Christmas, its name is in Latin, and if we translate it to the Spanish language means birth. In English, the word Christmas, refers to “Christ’s Mass” How interesting!

In Germany, according to some Germanic languages, they use the term Weihnachten to refer to Christmas, whose word means “night of blessing.” Of course, the different meanings of his name reflect the synonym to celebrate the birth of the child Jesus of Nazareth and fulfill the famous tradition.

Was the birth of Jesus of Nazareth exactly the 25th of December?

Some experts have indicated that actually the birth of the praised child was somewhere on December 6 or December 30. So, really, the true date is unknown.

Although according to some evangelicals say that according to their calculations with the bible, they think that Jesus was born six months after John the Baptist, that is, that John was born in March and the baby Jesus in September dates.

It is also estimated that the star of Bethlehem, which was followed by the Magi, was in reality a strange planetary alignment. The study was conducted by the University of Notre Dame, corroborating the aforementioned dates of the birth of the baby Jesus.

Then you will wonder why it was established on December 25 for the celebration of Christmas. The truth of the story on this stipulated date is due to various authors who propitiated this date due to the celebration of the annual birth of the Sun God on the winter solstice.

Finally, December 25th was decreed in the Roman Empire as the day of the birth of the beloved child.

Christmas also has its romantic traditions

There is a tradition that is practiced by many. It is about conceiving the couple under mistletoe. This plant is known to bring luck in love, and even legends claim that this tradition induces marriage. That is why every December 24 the woman receives a kiss from her partner under the mistletoe.

In Germany came the tradition of decorating the Christmas tree

Did you think that this tradition had arisen in the United States? No, the reality about the spread of this custom is that it comes from the Germans. His custom has always been to place a spruce as a sign of worship to the eternal God of men. Previously they were adorned with apples, candles and images of Christ.

But today these elements have changed, and it is tradition in many countries to decorate the tree with bright spheres, stars, Santa Claus figures, lights, etc.

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