Religion as the way of fixing the world

Here is how Christianity can keep up with the technological evolution and reach more people with their message.

Church on Sunday

The internet is a tool. Like any other it can be used for good or evil. Despite the fact that the anonymity online has a tendency to draw us to the latter, there are important points to be made that in the grand scheme of things technology is a force for good religions should embrace.


On Sundays you probably see less and less people in churches and the demographic gets older each year. It’s a problem that every religion nowadays has to face. However, while the world is now more connected than ever, on an individual level millions of people feel lost and alone.

Embracing technology to help

Technology can help Christianity reach more people and help them in a variety of ways. Embracing these new ways of connecting could help us reach the younger generation, find people in need instead of waiting for them to come to us.

technological brain

Should the Vatican  have a Department of Internet Relations? Probably not. There are limits to where Christian organizations should advertise. Seeing your local pastor in the mobile casino pay by phone bill or pornography websites, urging you to turn to God would be largely inappropriate. Not to mention that there is a high chance that doing so would turn even more people away and promote ridicule.

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However, Reddit , Facebook groups, forums and many similar places could do a big difference for the religious communities. Without being intrusive, helping people in need, providing psychological and financial aid, could be a modern way of taking care of your flock.

Technology also provides us with a platform to speak up for various issues, raise money and restore the damaged reputation of the holy institution.

Be a beacon of Light

Wherever you turn, the world has never been so divisive. Perhaps it is so. Or maybe it’s the power of the internet that exposes our flaws.Be a beacon of Light

In any case, bringing people together, showing an example, teaching compassion and empathy is Christianity’s primary function which can be successful even in the age of the internet.


You may think of the internet as the place where you stand out for being the loudest. We can change that by shining the light on instances of human kindness.






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